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Occupational Therapy Assistant (Associate of Science)

If you’re interested in occupational therapy but aren’t ready for graduate school, becoming an Occupational Therapy Assistant is the right career path. As a student in South University’s Associate of Science (AS) in Occupational Therapy Assistant program, you will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills needed to embark on this rewarding career. People with certain personality traits and characteristics who enjoy the profession of occupational therapy include those who are caring, creative, and excited about contributing to the health and wellness of others.

Graduates with an Associate of Science degree as Occupational Therapy Assistants perform occupational therapy procedures and related tasks under the supervision of an occupational therapist. Occupational Therapy Assistants provide services to individuals and patients of all ages to improve participation in daily life activities (occupations). Examples of occupational therapy interventions include:

- Helping children with cognitive disabilities to participate fully in school and social situations

- Helping people recovering a stroke to get dressed, bathe and cook using only one hand

- Helping injured workers regain range of motion and muscle strength to re-enter the labor force

- Helping people with mental health impairments increase attention span and regain coping skills to fully participate in social situations

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