Nashua Community College

505 Amherst St 
Nashua NH 03063 

(603) 882-6923

Nashua Community College

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Nashua Community College
Nashua Community College, Nashua NH.jpg
Nashua Community College
Former names

New Hampshire Community Technical College

New Hampshire Vocational Technical College
Type Public, Two Year Institution
Established 1970
President Lucille A. Jordan
Location Nashua, New Hampshire, USA
Campus Suburban
Colors Navy Blue, Privilege Green, White
Mascot Jaguars

Nashua Community College (NCC) is a college in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Course of Study

  • Automotive Technology
    • Automotive Technology Associate Degree
    • Automotive Technology Associate Degree - Honda/Acura
    • Collision Repair Technology Associate Degree
  • Aviation Technology
    • Aviation Technology Associate Degree
  • Business Administration Associate Degree
    • Accounting
    • Management
    • Marketing
    • Small Business Entrepreneurship
  • Computer Science
    • Computer Science Networking Associate Degree
    • Web Site Development
    • Software Development
  • Computer Engineering
    • Computer Engineering Technology Associate Degree
  • Criminal Justice
  • Culinary Arts
  • Early Childhood Education
    • Early Childhood Education Associate Degree
  • Electronic Engineering Technology
    • Electronic Engineering Technology Associate Degree
  • General Studies
    • General Studies Associate Degree
  • Human Services
    • Human Services Associate Degree
  • Liberal Arts Program
    • Associate in Arts - Liberal Arts
    • Liberal Arts Degree with an English Concentration
    • Liberal Arts Degree with a Mathematics Concentration
    • Liberal Arts Degree with a Psychology Concentration
    • Liberal Arts Degree with a Science Concentration
    • Liberal Arts Degree with a History Concentration
  • Machine Tool Technology
    • Machine Tool Technology Associate Degree
  • Mechanical Design Technology
    • Mechanical Design Technology Associate Degree
  • Nursing
    • Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Paralegal Studies
    • Paralegal Studies Associate Degree
  • Restaurant Management
    • Restaurant Management Associate Degree
  • Speech Language Pathology
    • Speech Language Pathology Assistant Associate Degree
  • Teacher Education
    • Teacher Education Associate Degree

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