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Is Ashford University a good college to go to for a teaching degree?

I was just wondering if any one has attended or taken any online classes from Ashford University? Is it a good college to go to for a teaching degree? Also, does the State of Arkansas recognize them?


I currently go to Ashford University. I love the school and the schedule. The only thing that gets a little rough for me is that all courses are condensed into a 6 week period, so you are reading a whole book in half the time you would normally be able to. Some co ruses require 2 or 3 books. All States will recognize your degree from Ashford but the important question is the teacher requirements for your state. Some require only a BA to teach some require a Masters degree. The Teacher certification does not come from Ashfrod directly it is in conjunction with one of their partner schools Rio Salado College in Arizona which is also a good school.


Does anyone have any information on an online school called Ashford University?

I am interested in enrolling for an online degree with Ashford University in Education. I am not sure if they are legitimate though. They seem like it and their website says they also have campuses available. Has anyone taken courses online or on campus through them? Any information would be helpful. Thank you!

Jenny M

I am currently an Ashford student online. What type of questions do you have? I am very happy with my program and with this school. They are regionally accredited and one of the most affordable online programs out there. My enrollment advisor was great too!

TTC for 2.5 years

Is Ashford University worth it to go to college?

I've been reading the reviews and they seem to be mixed. Some people say it is bad. Others say it is good. Any one on here with experiences at Ashford University?

B. R.

I earned my MBA online from Ashford. I think it's a very good school and I'm actually pusuing another online degree from there. It is accredited which is the biggest thing you have to consider when attending an online school. I have been to the actual campus in Iowa and was very impressed with the instructors and other students.


Ashford University.Regionally Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission? Quick Question what does that mean?

What does it mean when a Online University is Regionally Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission? The University is Ashford, They have a main Campus.


MANY online programs are not accredited, the HLC IS a credible agency, the same one that accredits any decent college or university (actual and online) in that area of the country. While online degree programs are generally less prestigious, having any degree from a regionally or nationally accredited school is valid. The fact that it's online is another discussion but the HLC is a regional accrediting agency and is 100% legit.


What are your thoughts on Ashford University?

I'm considering starting online classes at Ashford, and wondering if any of you have taken classes or gotten your degree from this school, and how was your experience?

Jenny M

I am currently an Ashford University student. I have the best enrollment advisor ever!!! She has been so helpful. And believe it or not... when I have a problem... I call her... and she actually helps me! I couldn't be happier!


Has anyone got a degree from Ashford University online?

I am considering applying at the school for an online bachelors degree but am a bit worried that the online degree wont be favorable when I eventually try and apply for a job with it. (I reside in New Jersey and the university is in Iowa) Thank you this is exactly the info I am looking for Kadtree.I was just worried about finishing my bachelors there and then not being able to get a job since its an "online degree".I have an advisor calling me this afternoon ;)


I go to Ashford University, and it was recommended to me by my friend who graduated from there. She got a wonderful job, and it pays wonderful! I am in NC, and this is my 4th class thus far.. They have many resources, and tutors, everything you can think of.. You actually go to Iowa to graduate with a class if you like. I am also going for my BA in psychology, and all of my other credits transfered.. I LOVE this, I wish I had done it sooner.. I have the number of my advisor is you like, she is the best! She helps you out soooo much, with everything... Even things she don't have to, she goes way out of her way to see you thru the program... Let me know if I can be more assistance to you...


Does anyone have any advice about Ashford University online?

I'm thinking about getting my teaching degree but I'm worried that I'm going to spend all this money and not be able to get a job teaching. I've never heard of anyone being a teacher and never stepping foot in a college. This school does its course work on online. Does anyone have any advice?


Ashford is one of the very best online degree programs out there right now, ranked according to quality of course work and quality of online experience.

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