South Plains College

1401 S. College Ave 
Levelland TX 79336 

(8068949) 611-2175

South Plains College

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South Plains College
South Plains College Primary Acronym Logo.jpg
1401 S. College Avenue
Levelland, Hockley County, Texas, 79336
United States
Funding type Junior College
President Dr. Kelvin W. Sharp
Grades 13th through 16th
Enrollment 9900 (2010)
Color(s) Blue and Orange
Mascot Texans

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Midland College

Howard College

South Plains College (SPC) is a college located in Levelland, Texas. It operates satellite branches in Plainview and at the Reese Technology Center, formerly Reese Air Force Base, in Lubbock. SPC also has many classes in the Byron Martin Advanced Technology Center in Lubbock as part of a joint venture with the Lubbock Independent School District.

SPC also has distance education centers located in Muleshoe, Littlefield, and Denver City.

In addition to their distance education programs, the school also provides online (distance education) courses to its students, as well as dual credit courses to high schools in the West Texas area.

In 1989, the college honored the Mayfield Brothers, Smokey Mayfield (1924–2008) and Herbert Mayfield (1920–2008), for their contributions to Bluegrass music in West Texas. A third Mayfield, Thomas Edd Mayfield (1926–1958) died of leukemia while on tour with Bill Monroe.

As defined by the Texas Legislature, the official service area of South Plains College is:[1]


South Plains College plays as part of the Western Junior College Athletic Conference in athletics. It is also part of the National Junior College Athletic Association Region 5. The school participates in men's and women's basketball, cheerleading, cross-country, track and field, and rodeo. All the men's and women's basketball games are broadcast as part of the High Plains Radio Network under HPRN Sports on KLVT and at

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