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Is anyoune familiar with Northcentral University?

Northcentral University offer accredited, advanced degrees 100% online. They appear to be legit, but I am still leary of schools without classrooms. Has anyone had experience with this program (NCU or any other) that might help me decide?


I just looked into a program there in regards to a M.A. in Sports Administration. The accrediting agency that accredits the university is the same that accredits UCLA, Michigan, Floriday, etc..... I haven't decided on it yet, but my research thus far seems promising. The University of Phoenix is accredited in the same way as well.


Northcentral University -- 100% online learning -- anyone heard anything positive or negative?

I'm looking at pursuing a Master's degree in Marriage & Family Therapy in order to become a licensed counselor. I live a good distance away from the more major universities and was hoping to find a good distance learning MFT program. Northcentral University appears to be accredited by the right organizations, have all the applicable courses, etc. But, I can't help feeling a bit leary! Has anyone done more extensive research or had an experience (good or bad) with them?

Kelly K

On line classes take a lot of discipline. The only bad thing is you dont have access to tutoring labs and 1x1s with your teacher. Some places have an email support for questions. But basically if you set aside a certain amount of time each day and stick to it you will pass, In my personal opinion you get a better education in the classroom

Sean C

Yes, according to their website.


Which of these schools would you consider for an online Ph.D. program in Information Technology?

-Capella University - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Organization and Management Information Technology Management Specialization -Walden University - Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences Information Systems Management Specialization -Northcentral University - Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D) Computer and Information Security option or Applied Computer Science option -Nova Southeastern University - Ph.D. in Computer Information Systems I am open to suggestions too! The criteria is as such: 1. The school must be regionally accredited (i.e. no DETC) 2. The school must be mostly online with a minimum of travel.


Looks like they are all regionally accredited, so basically your down to choosing the one that you feel most comfortable with. Price wise, Northcentral looks to be the least expensive. It wouldn't matter which one you choose, as long as the school is accredited, your good to go.

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