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Associate of Science in Pharmacy Technician

If you’re looking for a pharmacist school that’s a perfect fit for you, this associate’s degree is designed to provide you with knowledge, laboratory skills, and field experience so that you can assist pharmacists in providing medication and other healthcare products to patients. Students will gain an understanding of medical and pharmaceutical technology, pharmacology, pharmacy record keeping, pharmaceutical techniques, and pharmacy law and ethics. In addition, a 120 hour externship placement is required so students receive hands-on experience in a pharmacy practice site.

Students completing the program are prepared to sit for the Certified Pharmacy Technical (CPhT) exam offered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

As a student in this degree program, you will:

- Develop a foundation in understanding drugs and their applications.
- Gain hands-on experience utilizing proper techniques for mixing and dispensing medications.
- Learn how to assist the pharmacist in prescription preparation and administration.
- Learn the basics for updating patient profiles, labeling pharmaceutical products, managing inventory, and recognizing trade and generic drug names.
- Learn how to maintain patient records and prepare insurance claims.

*All students wishing to enroll in the Pharmacy Technician program will be required to pass a background check prior to the start of the program.Request More Information »

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